Driftwood for aquarium

If you are new in aquarium and fish collection, you must read this: Adding an aquarium to your landscape must be the ultimate due to its unique nature and aesthetic value. Although it may seem a complicated art, aquascape has been in existence for several decades, and thus one can borrow some of the previously used ideas and add their personal touch such as driftwood for aquarium. Some of the old ideas include adding rocks and wood in the aquarium. With over 20 years experience in aquascape, Exoaquaristic can offer you the best driftwood solutions for your aquarium.


Baulkham Hills Plumber

A Plumber Sydney is extending their services to new suburbs in West Sydney including Baulkham Hills Plumber branch and Liverpool Plumber. They provide a wide range of plumbing services including toilet repair, general plumbing services & hot water repair. They are now expanding also to East Sydney and want to become number one plumber in Rockdale.

Bain Marie

Bain marie are used to keep warm food without drying too fast the ingredients. Bain marie are often used in a commercial environment in either a commercial kitchen or as a front display for the customers. Often companies will use the Roband Serie or Roller Grill.

You might be interested in other benchtop equipment such as an electrical commercial crepe maker or pie warmer.

Bread Slicers

Bread Slicers

breadBread Slicers are used in 3 types of environment: industrial factory, bakeries & busy commercial kitchens for large restaurants or hotels. So far, Paramount has been one of the major player. In 2016, We decided to add the Daub-Bread Slicer Series called “continuous bread slicer” to the website.

Cutting Size

catering_equipment_08-19-15_at_10-39_amYou will find that some bread slicers may offer an adjustment options for thickness cut while some others are more limited. Your choice need to be based on the thickness of the bread slices, your budget, warranty & local repair company for this brand.

Ice Machines

Ice Machines

ice-maker-20Petra Equipment has more than 60 ice machines on sale until the end of June 2017. The company moved the previous FED series and stock new ice maker models such as the Polar Under Counter Ice Maker 20kg.

In opposition, Icematic reduced their range of Ice Cube Jet Line ice maker including the JET25M not anymore in stock. Brema and Hoshizaki are outperforming other brands with an increase of sales of +22% and 31% at Petra Equipment.

Contact details:

  • Contact us
  • (02) 9723 4555. Depending on your location we can provide an express delivery.
ice machines
ice machines

Balwyn Removalists

Balwyn Removalists

Urban Removalists is offering for $85/hr 2 removalists in Balwyn area and near suburbs. You can check about our Balwyn removalists services on our website at http://www.urbanremovalists.com.au/balwyn-removalists-3103/. Our staff look after your furniture and equipment to make sure that none of them will be damaged.

Paint Removal in Burwood area

Paint removal is not that easy, because of the nature of the task we always recommend out community to use professional pain removal staff either form a specialized companies or you can ask a removalists company that often provide this service too.

Several factors necessitate paint removal. These factors include the need to change the theme color of your walls to complement that of furniture and other important accessories in your space or vice- versa.We recommend Urban Removalists regarding any Burwood removalists job. When you want to achieve a fresh paint look it is advisable to go for total paint removal rather than adding an extra coat of paint.

Norris Diswashers

Norris Dishwashers Price

We do now have specials on 3 Norris models including Norris Barmate, Glassmate & IM5. Please contact us for more information about our discount rate. Remember that the Glassmate is now available in 10Amp and 15Amp, easy to plug.

The price of Norris Dishwashers may vary a bit across Australia and some of their model are similar to the Eswood dishwasher such as SW400.

Want to see our range ? Check https://www.petraequipment.com.au/norris-dishwashers today

norris dishwasher

Pizza Truck fitout

Pizza Truck fitout

Our partner Food Truck NSW has developed a new range of pizza vans including a long 2.5m container with a commercial wood fired pizza oven, holding cabinet, pizza prep. benches and sink. We invite you to have  alook at our new range on foodtrucknsw.com.au website.

In partnership with Petra Group, the company offers a 5% discount on all commercial kitchen design including for food van until end of December 2016.

Cafe fitouts

Cafe fitouts

CW USA is now covering the cafe fitouts projects from few majors shopfitters in Australia including DC and Petra Group shop fittings. We provided the project management software CW Shop to let the client keep an eye on the project including budgeting, deadlines, project photos and subcontractors.

Additionally, they improve their infrastructure for all their cafe supplies in Sydney & Melbourne.

We additionally build coffee van in different size and shape. You can finance at 80% your new coffee truck with Silver Chef. For more information on coffee van for sale please contact us directly.

Comenda Dishwashers

Comenda underbench dishwashers

Comenda hold a variety of range for both underbench dishwahers and underbench glasswasher. We highly recommend Comenda LB275, this dishwasher consume approx 2.1L per cycle. In other words, it will save you 20 to 25% water consumption per year.

Comenda pass through dishwashers

In 2012, Comenda extended their range and has over 5 pass through dishwashers. We recommend the model LC700TH.

Find out more about Comenda dishwashers on our website.

Monopoly Brisbane Edition

Monopoly Brisbane version

The new Monopoly version is out, the Brisbane edition feature key streets and it comes with a new twist. Check out more on Games Paradise website. Monopoly Brisbane board is on sale now.

Recommended age is 8+ and is playable from 2 to 6 players. Don’t wait too long, limited stock available due to high demand with Christmas.

Restaurant Design & Kitchen Ideas

Restaurant Design in Sydney & Newcastle

We now offer restaurant design services in Newcastle area. We additionally provide a free estimation consulting session for all new business owner. Our restaurant design including layout, electricity, plumbing and gas specifications. We also list the full range of commercial kitchen equipment with recommendations.

Commercial Kitchen Design and Ideas

We also provide commercial kitchen design and ideas to shopfitters. We know how to work with requirements, dimensions and budgeting.

Magic cards game

Magic cardsMagic cards

Magic cards or also called trading card game are enjoyed as much by adults as by children. There are many different card games available, some styles would require high strategic skills (for example Magic : the gathering) and others are based on cartoons which are more accessible for children (Pokemon). If you’re interested to get started, you can look for that specific magic card players community in your area. If you want to get some magic cards, check Games Paradise online shop.

Managing your own website

wordpress websiteHave you thought of managing your own website?

Nowadays,  almost every company has a website. It’s important to keep your website fresh and updated. This doesn’t have to be done by a professional, you can do a lot of easy changes and update by using a wordpress website. Get can have a quick training and you’re the one in control, contact Digital Marketing shop for more information.