Facebook Marketing:- New Era of Marketing Strategy

Facebook Marketing:- New Era of Marketing Strategy

Facebook” is itself a brand and doesn’t require any introduction. Whether you are from America, Dubai, Bhutan or any other country, you will definitely connect with your family or friends through this social site. According to a recent research, approx. 80% of the world population are available on Facebook. Even, stats also show that a person spend his/her almost 10hours on Facebook in a single day. So, by keeping all this in mind, it is becoming a huge platform for business or product marketing. YES! We are talking about “Facebook Marketing.”

What is Facebook Marketing?

In simple terms, marketers see Facebook as combination of active users and buyers. Thus, they use it as the best platform to sell product and services. Through a suitable technique, you can target hundreds of users simultaneously. And you know what? It is cost-effective. You no need to spend the bulk of money on your business banners, pamphlets, ads and similar other things. Through this marketing methodology, you can easily target your prospective buyers, according to age, gender, religion, location and much more.

How this work?

You don’t need any professional degree to pursue this task. You need to be creative, efficient (to handle your Facebook account) and smart (to compete your competitors). Facebook itself provides three incredible tools to market your business. Such tools are: Pages, Ads and Group designed by Jasa pemasangan Iklan Facebook Ads & Marketing di Indonesia. Just create them and target your audience.


Just similar to your profile, Facebook pages can be created through your account. It is easy to create and also free of cost. These pages provide information about your business, products and services. Here, you can post images, text, videos and other things. Use your creativity here, so that more and more people visit your page and like it. Finally, the best part of this page is that it can be liked by anyone. More likes on your page can increase the business profit.


Many times, you have heard about the Facebook ad campaigns, but not familiar with these terms. Well, it’s the most powerful marketing tool. Here, you can create ads just similar to another platform and target your prospective audience. Only important and engaging information is delivered in Ads. These ads can help you in either “Post engagement” or “Page Like.” A series of ads that ultimately lead to the participation of your audience is called “Ad Campaign.” You can contact our recommended provider here: Digital Marketing Shop.


Our last amazing Facebook tool is “Groups.” It is just like discussion forums where you can express your point of view freely. Today, such groups become a part to explore the services of your business. Frankly speaking, if you have a lot time, then join a group and share your services with your potential customers.

Here are the examples of 3  clients who used this strategies:

  1. Cara menyembuhkan insomnia
  2. Wiremesh
  3. Sepatu safety bandung

Facebook is just a flexible social platform like Instagram and Tinder. But its everyday popularity is making it different from others. Such phenomenal marketing tools are making success stories of many businesses, so what are you waiting for. Start your business marketing on Facebook today.