If you have a business I remote area without near agencies, you can always outsource to efficient  SEO agencies oversea.

We generally conceive by the term “referencing” (in English SEO for Search Engine Optimization, translate Search Engine Optimization) all the techniques allowing to improve the visibility on the site:

submission (in English Submission) consisting of making the site known to search tools;
positioning (ranking in English) consisting of position on the pages of the site in good position in the pages of the result for certain keywords;
SEO is worked on a daily basis, the benefits are felt in the long term. Here is the infographic with a taste of 8 steps to help you improve your SEO:

Steps for your own SEO

1. Content is still king:
Good content is essential for good SEO but also for your readers, you want to keep them as much on your website.

Find some of  our work:

2. Say goodbye to a mobile-friendly site:
Google penalizes the maintenance of sites that are less mobile-friendly. It should not be forgotten either that 80% of the person uses a mobile to carry out research on the Internet.

3. Get featured on social social pools:
Social networks have become essential in customer/company relations

4. Visuals are as important as patterns:
Easier to remember, to decipher and to meet in situation, the visuals always remain sizeable allies in your marketing strategy.

5. Optimize website speed
6. Pinterest Utility:
Ideal social network to share visual content and build links.